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Tuition and Payment Options

Program Cost

Interior Design Certificate (30 semester credits)

Cost per credit: $430.00 (all courses are billed at this rate)

Institutional Charges

Tuition: $12,900 ($430 x 30 credits)
Application Fee: $200 (non-refundable unless denied admission)
SketchUp License: $60 (electronic license – 1 year)
eTextbook: $100 (electronic license – 1 year)
Textiles Sample Kit: $100 (shipped to Student)
Total Institutional Charges: $13,360

Additional Fees/Penalties

Late Payment Fee: $25 (for payments received past the due date)
Readmission Fee: $35 (for readmission back into program)
Insufficient Funds Fee: $35 (for bounced check or declined card)
Additional Official Transcript: $15 (first is included in tuition)

Payment Options

The Application Fee is required during the application process to reserve a spot in class. This fee is independent of the payment option chosen and will be refunded in the event an applicant is denied admission. The application fee is not payable using Federal Student Aid (Title IV) funds.

Payment options include:

  1. Payment in full before the semester start date.
  2. Federal Student Aid (Pell Grants / Direct Loans).
  3. Use of VA Benefits (as outlined in Catalog).
  4. Interest Free (0%) Tuition Payment Plan: Any balance not covered with options 1-3 are eligible for monthly payments due in 3 equal installments coinciding with the semester start date.