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Testimonials and References

Dear Judy,

I just finished my very first interior design job with my personal business and I wanted to share it with you! (I did this in less than two weeks, scheduled 3 subcontractors, and made a nice profit!)

It was sooooooo fun to bring everything I learned from AIID into action and bring this vision into a reality!

Thank you again for everything AIID did for me!!

AIID Graduate, 2013

Kya Cooper
AIID Graduate, 2013

When I visited your school for the first time I just knew “this was it”, this was the place…

With every class I took, skill I learned, hidden passion I unlocked within myself I began to realize that my world was opening up, expanding , I was no longer ordinary and that my sight was no longer in black and white, but in Technicolor…

You have created a curriculum that puts your students leaps and bounds ahead of any other new designer and some old in the field…

AIID is a special and magical space. Your school would be fabulous anywhere you put it but the energy in that space I feel is like a magnet, a door if you will. I’ll explain it like this: I feel like the students are ‘keys’ if you will. They have the ability to unlock something but they just don’t know what. They go from door to door, field to field, trying to unlock them but the key just doesn’t fit. Then they wander into AIID by either chance or fate. They are broken, disheartened, unsure and just plain old tired. How many doors have they tried to open to no avail, why should this one be any different!? But still, something draws them in for that first school tour/interview. They walk through the door unsure and not even fully upright, the weight of “comfort” on their shoulders weighing them down. Then wait a second, the key fits, not only did it open the door, but it opens them as well. Finally!!!! Then they realize upon completion of the program as they are standing ten feet tall, that the “key” doesn’t only open one door, its universal! And it always was, but without passion, center, they lacked the ability to read the instructions that came with it. THIS KEY UNLOCKS ALL! And that’s how I feel about AIID. It’s not just a school, it’s a new life. There is a saying something like that a single candle can light a thousand more and it does not diminish it’s flame, so don’t be afraid to share your passion and love with others. Thank you for sharing! Thank you so much for unlocking ME!

–Kya Cooper

JoAnne Truax picJoAnn Truax
AIID Graduate

TRE RAGAZZE DESIGN, Owner and Interior Designer

For years I dreamed of becoming an interior designer and after attending the American Institute of Interior Design I was able to make those dreams come true.

Labeled as a “mid-career switcher,” I had invested twenty-five years in the shopping center property management industry. I liked my work but I was never inspired by it. Exploring interior design as a hobby soon became my obsession and I knew that I had to pursue it as my career.

Both time and money made returning to a two or four year traditional college impossible. Then I discovered American Institute of Interior Design! Their six-month accelerated course worked for my schedule and their financial assistance program conquered my money concern. I loved that I didn’t have to wait for a fall or spring semester to enroll because they offer a rolling enrollment schedule.

The classes were exciting and hands on and I finally had the knowledge I needed to support my design instincts. The fast-paced curriculum is developed to teach you the art of interior design in a way you won’t forget and also teaches the business side so that you can be successful as an interior designer.

Upon graduating, I opened my own interior design boutique and I have never been happier in my professional life. Being satisfied with my career makes me a stronger wife, mother and designer and it’s all because I chose to attend American Institute of Interior Design.

James Sigmon pictureJames Sigmon
AIID Graduate

To say AIID has impacted my personal and my professional life is an understatement. Attending the school was one of the most amazing and challanging experiences of my life. The vast amount of knowledge that is taught in such a short amount of time is staggering. But the way that it is taught is inspiring!

I have used the education to own my own design firm, manage a major furniture and design retail store, and even start my own clothing line. If you want a jump start to your design career, you must attend AIID.

James Sigmon, ASID, NICDQ
James Sigmon Design / Tailored To Win

Kevin Moore pictureKevin Moore
AIID Graduate

Dearest Judy and the faculty at American Institute Of Interior Design,

I cannot let another day go by without thanking you for the amazing experience and the knowledge provided by your school, American Institute Of Interior Design.  As you know, I was at a stage in life where I knew I needed to make a career change.  This was after working for a corporation for 16 years where I was feeling stifled.  My thought process was to do something that gave me the ability to be creative and, in a sense, in control of my own destiny.

There were many options for me to choose from in reference to studying interior design including colleges/universities in the area.  I did a great deal of research and met many teachers, but there was no greater match than you and your school.  Your enthusiasm, knowledge, professionalism, and attitude made my decision much easier.

Every morning on my way to school, I looked forward to another fun-filled, action packed day and I was never let down.  Classes such as “The History Of Furniture”, Color Theory, Drafting, Sales/Marketing, and Textiles were just some of my favorites.  If I could, I would do it all over again!

The knowledge and experience gained from the American Institute Of Interior Design helped me achieve my goal of working as an Interior Designer for Norwood Furniture in Gilbert, Arizona.  My first full year with Norwood Furniture proved to be a successful one to say the least, being named “Designer Of The Year”.  All in thanks to you.  I cannot stress enough to anyone who is considering a career pertaining to Interior Design that your school should be their first choice.

Kevin Blair Moore
Certified Designer
Norwood Furniture
Gilbert, Arizona

Adrienne Hart
AIID Graduate, Class of 2002

I went to AIID 14 years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made…and I had no desire to suffer through two or four years of anything! AIID provided me with the lyrics to a song I’ve been humming in my head my whole life. I knew I had the gift of creativity in design, but until I attended AIID, I didn’t have the knowledge to feel confident enough to make it a profession. Now I can sing those “lyrics” (design principles) at the top of my lungs so that all who hear the beautiful symphony of design can reap the rewards.

You MUST go! The owner of the school, Judy Thompson, is still there after over 30 years, so passionate about what she does and she’s one of the best teachers I have ever been taught by. The environment at the school is simply magical and I know you will be enchanted by the energy there. And it’s hard and focused and intentionally only about design. In my opinion, graduates from AIID come out far more prepared to start making money in design than any other school out there.

Adrienne Hart
Modascapes Interior Design
Scottsdale, Arizona

I wanted you to know that as a recent graduate of AIID; I am self-employed working on several interior design related projects including two homes in Texas being remodeled by a real estate investor. It is my job to make decisions with the remodeling and then to furnish the interiors for rental of the properties.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for enriching my life in so many ways. It is still amazing to me how much I learned in such a short amount of time. It has only made me want to know more and actually working in this field will always be a learning experience. Thanks for being there for me!

Sharon Anderson
AIID Graduate, 2010


I wanted to thank you for everything and to say that the information I have learned at AIID will be with me forever. This school has been amazing, and I will surely recommend it to anyone interested in the design field. Thanks again!

Joel Darner
AIID Graduate, 2011


AIID has made such an enormous impact on my life in such a short amount of time. From the day I first met everyone at AIID until now, because of the faculty’s encouragement and mentoring I have gained confidence in my abilities as a designer, gained knowledge as a result of your teaching, and gained prospects and opportunities because of your willingness and desire to see your students succeed. I am so grateful for the school. It has been an incredible blessing to me.

Ashley Nicole Harrison
AIID Graduate, 2010


Words cannot express how thankful I am to have found The American Institute of Interior Design. I have my own interior design company, Bayberry Designs and I am having the time of my life. Thank you for all you do.

Catherine Marino
AIID Graduate


“Some impart wisdom or comfort and care.
Some point out the path, and some take you there.”

These words are very limited to all that you are and limited to all
that you have shared. I can’t even begin to express how proud, how
lucky I am to know you, and to have spent the best six months of my life.
I can’t believe I now have my own design studio and get to do what I
love each and every day. AIID rocks – thank you!

Brenda Buesing
AIID Graduate, 2010

Brenda Lee Designs

I cannot believe that I am graduating! It really does go by in a flash. I feel truly
blessed to of had this great opportunity to be taught, guided, encouraged, and inspired
by the faculty at AIID. I will be forever grateful for the skills and knowledge instilled in me.

With much gratitude,

Megan Grim
AIID Graduate, 2009

Dear Judy, Adrienne and Denise,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the amazing and wonderful knowledge that you have passed on to me! I always knew, deep down that this is where I should be. But, I didn’t believe that you could actually make a living out of doing something that didn’t feel like work! I had a paradigm shift this last six months and I am so thankful for your help with that transformation. I know that I can do great things with the new skills I have learned through taking this course and that with my new drive for success and I think I can do what I love to do FINALLY…..create beautiful things.

I love you all,

Misty Mc Fadden
AIID Graduate

McFadden & Stone Designs
Interior & Set Design

The school met and exceeded all expectations! AIID is an excellent design school and training facility. The faculty are exceptional with extensive expertise in teaching all aspects of interior design. They are also proven and highly successful designers themselves. This practical experience and knowledge is invaluable in terms of the commercial expertise required post school. The manner in which the program is taught, the short term program and program intensity, and full time class participation are all critical elements to the success and uniqueness of the school. Graduates are 100% work ready once the program is completed. An excellent overall experience and I am excited about my future career in design. I am 100% happy with my decision to leave a 6 figure corporate job to pursue a career in design and the school ensured that decision.

Christina Kenny
Galway, Ireland
AIID Graduate, 2013