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Styling Shelves

via Studio McGee

When styling shelves, there are a lot of things to consider, but the first is style. Do you need your shelves to complement a modern interior? French country, shabby chic, steam punk industrial? Or do you have a mix of styles in your home — in which case, eclectic is your go-to. An important aspect of accessorizing is to mix high and low pieces to create an overall high-end look. Even if you just have a few expensive pieces, if mixed well, these pieces can create the feel of a collection of luxury pieces. Remember to vary heights of collections and also to work in odd numbers — they always look better. Shift between textures and include lots of different visual and tactile selections — smooth, shiny, matte, woven. Pretty baskets are great for storing items like remotes, magazines, or work items that aren’t as attractive when placed on a shelf on their own. Take into consideration that the look that is in style these days is a “less is more” approach. Don’t over-accessorize your shelves — choose a small number of accessories that speak to your style and put them to work!