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Rustic Architecture Accents

When it comes to rustic architectural accents in a space, you can either conserve existing interior architecture, or add it. Preserving original architecture is a beautiful way to respect a space’s history, and finding salvaged pieces and implementing them into a new-build opportunity is another way to give a reverent nod to antiquity. Refinishing wood creates a very different look than distressing, so it is important to consider the overall feel of your space in order to figure out which option is right for you. Rustic accents lend themselves well to shabby chic interiors, cozy cottage vibes, beach themes, and mediterranean flavor. These accents add visual texture to rooms and a graceful element of warmth. The finish can also set the tone for the other wood finishes that you will use in furniture and decorative items throughout the room. Of course vibrant color is always an option, but neutral spaces tend to let these architectural elements hold the starring role of the space.