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ID150: Lighting

Semester Credits: 3.0
Course Duration: 15 Weeks

In this course students will gain a comprehensive understanding of lighting used in design. Students will learn about the basic physical behavior of light, key lighting layers, and how to determine light quality and quantity. They will learn about different lighting technologies, lamp types, and luminaires available to designers. Students will gain an understanding of how to use and control natural as well as artificial (electric) light to create a desired lighting composition. They will learn different lighting techniques such as washing and grazing, and how to create different lighting effects in their designs. They will learn about lighting vendors, codes, datasheets, architectural electrical symbols, and how to communicate a lighting design using electrical schedules and overlays. Students will practice by creating lighting plans for different room settings. Upon course completion, students will be able to analyze and create lighting designs and be able to implement solutions to many modern lighting challenges.

Prerequisite: Completion or Enrollment in ID140