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ID100: Fundamentals of Design & Color

Semester Credits: 3.0
Course Length: 15 weeks

Fundamentals of Design & Color is an introduction to the profession of interior design and covers areas of specialty in design as well as employment options in the design industry. Students will be introduced to the interior design process, including the role of clients, contractors, and vendors. Students will begin to build a design vocabulary and learn about the fundamental building blocks of design, including elements, principles, and the techniques of modern design. Design styles are covered, including how to blend different styles into a modern composition. Color Theory and the physical properties of color will be introduced to create a foundation for the successful use of color in design. Color schemes, color principles, and practical applications will be studied for use of color in visually appealing designs. Students will study the psychological aspects of color in order to influence the emotion of occupants in a well-designed space. Feng Shui is introduced to the student in a theoretical and practical sense in order to learn how to achieve the desired energy and balance in design.

Prerequisite: None