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ID011: Final Project

Semester Credits: 2.5
Course Duration: 3 Weeks (72 hours)

This is a 3-week Supervised Lab course consisting of a comprehensive full-scale design project that demonstrates understanding of all concepts studied during the prerequisite courses of the program. The student will incorporate all aspects of the curriculum and apply them to a real-world design project similar to that of a professional designer. The student will be required to space plan an entire house, including room layout, kitchen and bath design, furniture selection and placement, finish selection, flooring, wall coverings, window and bed treatments, and lighting overlay. The project includes a portfolio quality floor-plan, a color board, and a notebook documenting every worksheet, invoice, work order and purchase order for all materials used. The project has a budget cap and the student is required to propose the work within 5% of the budget. *Expectation of outside class work required.

Prerequisite: Completion of courses ID001 – ID010