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ID010: Computer-Aided Drafting and Space Planning

Semester Credits: 3.5
Course Duration: 3 Weeks (72 hours)

Computer drafting and space planning skills are central to the execution of all Interior Design projects. A space must be drawn to size to accurately communicate a design to clients, contractors, and purchasers so it can be completed precisely as the designer envisioned. In this course, students will learn to draft (two-dimensionally) with SketchUp Pro Software®. They will learn to interpret existing blueprints, draw floor plans, and space plan rooms using standard sizing and spacing for both residential and commercial spaces. The student will also learn how to label, dimension, and effectively communicate their plans with clients and other project stakeholders. Students will complete a project creating a two-dimensional interior floor plan and furniture space plan of a commercial building. They will produce a SketchUp drawing, quality dimensioned and labeled furniture and floor plans, and a furniture schedule. An understanding of space planning, concept development, project requirements, and accessibility codes, coupled with an introduction to SketchUp Pro Software® prepares the student to execute large scale projects.

Prerequisite: None