Program Structure

There are 10 courses in the Interior Design program which are taught by a combination of lecture, laboratory, and supervised lab. Occasionally there are field trips to visit a design showroom or inspect an actual jobsite.

Class Hours:

Mon-Thurs, 8:30am-2:30pm (see course schedule for details)

Interior Design Program

  • 28 Semester Credits
  • 648 Instructional Clock Hours (810 Total Clock Hours)
  • 27 Weeks
  • Graduation Document: Interior Design Certificate

Interior Design Program Courses

  • ID001 – Fundamentals of Design
  • ID002 – Color Theory
  • ID003 – History of Furniture
  • ID004 – Textiles
  • ID005 – Business Practices
  • ID006 – Modern Architecture and Contemporary Furniture
  • ID007 – Lighting
  • ID008 – Fabrication
  • ID010 – Drafting and Space Planning
  • ID011 – Final Project

*Ask us about our optional European Design Tour. Every year we take a trip to England, France, Switzerland, and Italy to study the latest trends in design!

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