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Mission Statement

 To provide students with the essential knowledge and tools to be successful in the dynamic field of Interior Design, through an accelerated training program that is challenging, rewarding, and fun.

Institutional Philosophy

We will teach you how to make money in design…
Eye of DesignThe American Institute of Interior Design is committed to providing a learning experience to its students that is challenging, rewarding, and fun. Education is provided in a dynamic setting where the student is encouraged to explore creative solutions to solve Interior Design issues. At AIID, the student will find an atmosphere of personalized attention, student involvement and participation, and high academic standards. AIID provides detailed feedback and critique on student work, thereby closing the teaching loop and maximizing the student learning experience.

AIID believes in an accelerated, practical, and hands-on training approach to Interior Design. Because the instructors at AIID are all active Interior Designers themselves, the subject matter and training is relevant to current design issues. Instructors are committed to producing the most knowledgeable and efficient design graduates possible, and are willing to spend personal time to see that a student’s goals are achieved. AIID’s program goals are to teach the knowledge and skills to be successful and make money in the field of design.