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Online Courses

Coming Soon – Computer-Aided Drafting and Space Planning, Intro to CAD, and SketchUp

Stay tuned for our next offering!

In addition to our current “Remote Classroom” program that is currently 100% online due to Covid-19, we are also developing a new semester-based fully online program that we hope to announce soon. This program will be a great alternative for students who can’t attend live classes because they live in other parts of the country (or world), or because they work or have other obligations during the day. Our online program will allow for a flexible schedule, including the option to take courses part time. We are also developing new courses such as Intro to CAD, SketchUp, and Kitchen & Bath design that will be accessible as electives as well as part of our core curriculum. There are many great things happening at AIID, and we encourage you to join us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the online Interior Design program be available?

We are anticipating a release date of 9/1/2021.

Will the online Interior Design program be accredited?

Yes. We are going through the accreditation process now for the online program. It will have the same accreditation as our classroom program (ACCSC).

Will the online program have the same courses as the classroom program?

It will have a very similar course structure to the current classroom program, but there will be some changes due to the nature of distance education.

Will the online program have the same number of credits as the classroom program and take the same amount of time?

The online program will have 30 semester credits and take 34 weeks to complete at full time, whereas the classroom program is 28 semester credits and takes 27 weeks.

Will the credits be transferrable between classroom program and online program?

No. The classroom program has courses that vary anywhere between 1.0 and 5.5 semester credits. For the online program, we will standardize all courses to count as 2.0 semester credits. This will help bring AIID more in line with traditional college structure that most people are familiar with.

Will the online program have the same graduation document and credentials as the classroom program?

Yes. The online program will be a Certificate program.

Will the online program cost the same as the classroom program?

Not exactly the same, but the cost will be similar.

Will the online program still have the same "rolling enrollment" structure as the classroom program?

No. We will be moving to a semester-based schedule for the online program.

How many semesters will the online program have in a given calendar year. In other words, how many possible start dates will there be?

We are planning for 7 semesters during each calendar year, with a 1 week break between each semester, and a 4 week break between mid-December and mid-January.

If I have a 1-week vacation that falls in the middle of one of my semesters, will I still be able to enroll in that semester?

Yes. As mentioned above, each course will be divided into 2-week blocks, so you can “miss” any given week and still be able to use the week after to catch up for each course. Alternatively, since it is an online program, you might even find some downtime during your vacation to fit in some school work. Of course, it is always best to schedule vacations around your school schedule. Remember, there is a 1 week break between each semester, and a 4 week break between mid-December and mid-January.

Online Courses