Neutral Colors and Refurbished Furniture

Neutral Colors and Refurbished Furniture”/><a href=

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Colors that lend well to the Steampunk design style are brown, sepia, cream, black, dark red, and dark green. Remember that anything metallic goes — whether shiny or brushed! Refurbished furniture is a great way to add that industrial and reclaimed vibe to your Steampunk-inspired space. Rough, unfinished textures are your friend!

Neutral Colors and Refurbished Furniture

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  1. Wow, I really love the retro blend and the classic look of the furniture. I love the first photo of the restaurant and ho that brown has blended well. I am wondering about the wall on top there, was that paint or you just left it the way it was, because it’s really awesome. I would have loved to see more photos of these. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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