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Modern Rococo

via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Rococo is all about glamour and indulgence, but don’t forget about comfort playfulness. Asymmetry creates lightness and airiness of the interior, creating a fun and carefree mood. These days, Rococo is considered as a mood which recurred over the ensuing centuries. Rococo is used as elements in design, applied with modern finishes. In the interiors of contemporary homes, Rococo is apparent in furniture, influenced by the French Rococo, Chinese, and Gothic styles. Other features include mahogany as the main wood, carved cabriole legs, claw and ball feet, fretwork and Chinese motifs on chair backs, and brocade, leather, and velour fabrics. If you want to achieve the classic, feminine look, creating a feel of beauty and luxury, then go Rococo loco! Step inside a Rococo home and you’ll definitely feel like a king or a queen.