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Mastering Red, White and Blue”/><a href=

via Savvy Home

It turns out, there is a way to master a red, white, and blue color palette without making your home like it is in constant celebration of July 4th. Whether you are using this color palette in a small or large way, the rules are the same, making this an easy palette to use! The most important thing to remember is that pattern is your friend — use solids in small doses. Up the ante with lots of texture in your space — whether that is visual or tactile, it makes no difference, but red, white, and blue spaces look effortless when effectively layered. If you’re trying to get this look on a small-scale, use mostly accents to convey your color message. But if large-scale is your thing, and you want the entire room to tell this color story, use upholstered furniture in a bold color, wallpaper, all accessories that lend themselves well to the space, etc. Go all out! With this palette, go small or go big — but choose between those two!

Mastering Red, White and Blue

via Architectural Digest