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How We’re Different

As our Founder likes to say…

   We don’t teach Scuba Diving and we don’t have a football team!


What makes us different? Do you have a passion for designing beautiful, stylish, and functional interior spaces? Are you tired of traditional schools that cost too much and take too long to complete? Maybe you don’t want to take Math, English, and Psychology, right? Wouldn’t it be nice to dive head first into design and get the practical tools and experience you need to be successful in your new career…and do it as fast as possible?

If you answered yes to these questions, contact us today to learn more about our school!

At AIID, we break free from the mold of traditional schools. We teach only Interior Design through a practical, hands-on, and accelerated learning approach: we call it “bootcamp for designers”. We teach you how to make money in design.

Graduate Placement Assistance

Graduate Placement Assistance is provided for all AIID graduates. We can’t guarantee you a job after you graduate, but we can guarantee that we will work as hard as we can and utilize all our contacts in the design industry to help as much as possible.


2016-2019 Average Graduation Rate


2016-2019 Average Employment Rate


Please refer to our published Graduation and Employment Rates to see our score card when it comes to placing our graduates in the field of Interior Design.