Graduate Spotlight

Check out what our graduates are up to...

Gaye Ferrara - Ferrara's Interiors
Leighann Jacobi - Jacobi Interiors
Adrienne Hart - Modascapes
Isabel Dellinger - Earth and Images
Nedra Foster - Artistic Creations
James Sigmon - Tailored to Win
Donna Horner - Donna Horner Design
Tracy Laasch - Consign 2 Design
Lynne Forde Breyer - Lynne Forde Breyer Design
Brenda Umdenstock - Umdenstock Interior Design
Joellen Golberg - Joellen Golberg Interior Design
DoDAz, Innovative Interiors - Teri Mulmed, Karen Houle
Bella Dimora
Sloane Marshall - Sloane Marshall Interiors
AIID Graduate