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Feng Shui in Depth

What is Feng Shui Anyway?

Feng ShuiSome people are unsure of that answer, while others think it is an interior design term exclusively. Truth is, Feng Shui goes so much further that just arranging your furniture!

The words ‘feng shui’ literally translate as “wind-water” in English.

Many modern enthusiasts claim that feng shui is the practice of arranging objects (such as furniture) to help people achieve their goals. More traditionally, feng shui is important in choosing a place to live and finding a burial site, along with agricultural planning. Proponents claim that feng shui has an effect on health, wealth and personal relationships.

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Feng Shui – What does your House Number mean?

If you plan to move to another house or business, stop to consider what you want and expect from the new house or building. To calculate the number of your house or office you must reduce the house number down to a single digit (2136=3).

24881 Flowing Creek Drive would be calculated as follows: 2 + 4 + 8 + 8 + 1. This equals 23. Then add the 2 and the 3 together to equal 5. You live in a 5 house.

  • ONE – If your house number reduces to a number one, it will appeal to independent individuals. This will become a challenge if you desire a relationship and live in a number one house.
  • TWO – The number two house is perfect for developing a relationship with another person. It is cozy and more private.
  • THREE – This house will bring much joy and happiness to its occupants. It is perfect for those who want a more open house for entertaining.
  • FOUR – The best house for balancing.  A famous person is probably a four house.
  • FIVE – Like your fingers, the number five is a handful. If you are up to globe trotting and are looking forward to what tomorrow may bring, a number five home is for you!
  • SIX – The life path of six is service; service to family, other people, the environment, or animals.
  • SEVEN – It is a good place to further educational pursuits as it offers rest and quietude.
  • EIGHT – A number eight house will have an atmosphere of importance and success. It’s what’s known as a money ($$$) house for it is easy to draw material wealth towards you.
  • NINE – This house will appeal to those who want to help and serve humanity.

Clearing Clutter Will Bring New Energy Into Your Life

Never underestimate the effect of clutter on your life. Clutter accumulates when energy stagnates.  Healthy energy is moving and flowing energy.  Think of what happens when a pool of water stagnates.  Very soon it becomes murky and starts to smell.  This is similar to what happens energetically when people live surrounded by clutter.

  • What to do with unwanted presents?
    Get rid of them!  If you keep objects that you don’t like in your home out of obligation or fear, you are giving your power away. Surround yourself with things you love and get rid of Aunt Jane’s gift.
  • Floor level clutter
    If you must keep clutter, at least get it off the ground.  Many people who suffer depression have lots of clutter at floor level, which constantly pulls their energy down.
  • Clutter in your car
    If you are driving around knee-deep in garbage and petrified hamburgers, there’s work to be done!  Your car is like a small world unto itself.
  • Books
    Many people find it hard to let go of books.  Holding onto old books doesn’t allow you to create space for new ideas and ways of thinking to come into your life.
  • Things that need fixing
    In feng shui, if it’s broke – you’re broke!  Either fix it or march it off to the trash can!
  • Clear out your flaky friends
    While you’re at it, give some attention to clearing out unproductive relationships in your life.  Do you groan when you know so-andso is calling to talk to (at) you on the phone?  Anyone “negative” who is seriously past their “sell-by-date” will drag down your energy.  Give them the boot!

To learn more about clearing clutter buy the book, “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui”, by Karen Kingston.  Or, better yet, join us a student at the American Institute of Interior Design!

The Four Most Important Areas In Your Home

Although all the rooms in your home are very important in constructing a feng shui profile of your space, the four areas that will have the most profound impact on your health, wealth, and relationships are your entranceway, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedroom.


  • Power lines should NOT be visible from the front door.
  • Keep entry clean and free of dead insects, spiders, dead leaves, etc.
  • Steep stairs leading down from the entrance funnel money out the door!


  • The stove figures prominently in a home’s finances.  Keep drop pans clean and burners in good repair.
  • Try to use all burners (do not favor just certain burners) while cooking; this increases chi (energy) and money.
  • Place a fake $one million dollar bill in the back left area of freezer!  That way you will always have cold hard cash when you need it.


  • A house with a bathroom in the Wealth or Fortunate Blessing area (back left corner) may find its finances flushed away. IMPORTANT: contact us if that sounds like your house!
  • Keep the toilet lid down at all times. IMPORTANT: If you can see the toilet while lying in your bed please contact the school!


  • The Master bedroom is the most important room in your house if you wish to have a relationship with someone.
  • A queen sized bed is the most auspicious size; if you have a king sized bed then you can symbolically bring the couple closer together by tying a red ribbon around the box springs.
  • Matching night stands and lamps (pairs of everything) are best in this room.