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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions we get asked a lot…


Is there demand for Interior Designers in a down economy?

Of course there is! When the housing market is going strong, there will be increased demand for new builds and thus, work for interior designers. When the housing market is in a slump (sound familiar?), people will invest in making their own homes nicer. The demand for remodel work goes up, because people know they need to make the best of what they have. People are refusing to live in ugly homes! Interior Designers can help! We feel that the interior design industry is somewhat balanced and will evolve to reflect the economic climate. But don’t take our word for it, talk to AIID graduates and see what they have to say!

Am I too old to change my career and study Interior Design?

The answer is no! We have many students from all walks of life who are tired of living a life they have settled for, and are ready to chart their own course. They are tired of dreading their job and want to begin a new path where they actually follow their passion and enjoy what they do. Many of our best students are in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s and have been in the traditional workforce for years and have become disenchanted by the rat race. They have chosen to follow their dreams and study design and have never looked back! What age was our most mature student ever? 74. It’s never too late!

What is the difference between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer?

A decorator assists clients with selecting and placing accessories, such as pillows, wall art, lamps, area rugs, paint; and even in selection of fabrics and/or furnishings for rooms. But a designer would have the added ability to change the curve of the arm on a sofa, drastically change the appearance of a chair by adding or eliminating detail and surface refinements. He/she would be trained for, able and inclined to add, eliminate or alter architectural elements and proportions in a space and be able to design custom pieces to to meet challenging aesthetic and practical needs in ways that are creative and unique. The designer is familiar with historic, proportional, structural and material elements, and therefore can (by rule, intuition and skill) diminish, disguise or eliminate problem areas and to enhance, establish or properly showcase the finer features of the space in question.

To put it as simply as possible; the decorator adds things to a space to improve the look, the designer alters the space itself and incorporates a comprehensive vision into the room that includes more than just accessories and fabrics.

(We will teach you both, by the way!)

Do you have many students relocate from other places to attend your school?

Absolutely. Our Interior Design program is very unique and we have had students attend from many different states…even as far away as France! Our six-month program is compact and accelerated enough that students find they are able to make a short term commitment to move to Arizona.

Do you help with job placement after graduation?


Can I learn what I need to know in only 6 months?

Yes, because we only teach interior design! We don’t waste time with Math, English, or Psychology. As our founder likes to say: “We don’t teach scuba diving and we don’t have a football team!” Since we are a career-focused school, you will learn only practical information and skills that will be of immediate benefit to your new career as an interior designer. We will teach you how to make money in design.

Can I take individual courses instead of going through the entire program?

Absolutely. Any course can be taken individually or in combination. The cost is a prorated amount of the normal full program tuition, currently $480 per week of instruction. Note that financial aid is not available to students taking individual courses. You must be enrolled full-time in the Interior Design program to be eligible for financial aid.

What if I take a single course and then decide I love it so much I want to take the entire program?

No problem. We will transfer your credits over to the full program and you are free to continue. Your tuition bill is credited for the amount already paid and you are on your way!

I have taken some Interior Design courses at another school; do my credits transfer to AIID?

Not at this time. Since our curriculum is so specific and unique to our program, we do not have equivalent courses to other traditional institutions. The same can be said about the other direction: credits received at AIID will likely not be accepted by other schools.

What types of payment plans do you offer?

Since we are a small proprietary institution, we have the ability to be somewhat flexible with payment plans to suit our students’ needs. We offer a 0% interest payment plan where tuition is payable in 7 installments over 6 months. For more details about payment options, click here