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Educational Method and Objectives

Educational Method

Group of Students

AIID offers an accelerated 6-month training program leading to a Certificate in Interior Design. The Interior Design curriculum is presented through a series of 10 courses, each lasting from one to five weeks in duration. Material is taught through means such as classroom lecture, laboratory work, field trips, and supervised lab (final project).

Students learn a balance of residential as well as commercial design topics in a high energy and fun academic setting. Courses in the Interior Design program are taught one at a time, so students immerse themselves in each subject for maximum learning effectiveness.

Educational Objectives

Each course offered at AIID is designed to familiarize the student with the historical and technological developments that lead to contemporary tastes and applications of color, materials, and styles. Color coordination, fabric selection and presentation skills are learned and practiced by the use of in-class projects based upon the needs and budgets of hypothetical client situations. Drafting, drawing, and space planning skills are taught by a combination of lecture, laboratory, and hands-on projects. Students travel to drapery, upholstery and custom bedspread workrooms to reinforce their knowledge of fabrication.

Skills in material selection, pricing, measuring, estimating, invoicing, and ordering are taught by a combination of lecture, in-class assignments, on-site measuring of homes under construction, as well as hypothetical client situations. Students are invited to accompany Interior Design instructors on client calls and participate in actual Interior Design projects whenever possible. The Interior Design staff at AIID is made up of experienced Interior Designers who take great pride in the development of each student.

The objective of the program is to train the student for an entry-level position as an Interior Designer.