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Collaged Furniture

via Nuevo Estilo


To collage a piece of furniture means to use two or more fabrics for the upholstery of a particular piece. There are several reasons to collage a piece of furniture — beginning with the fact that some people just really like the way that it looks! Collaging is a great way to introduce pattern into a space without committing an entire piece to the pattern. It is also a way to save money on an upholstery job because you can potentially leave a seat or back cushion with the existing upholstery and find something complementary for the new fabric (this happens a lot of times with leather pieces). Because collaging works with any fabric style, this is a look that can work with any design aesthetic. Make sure to choose complementary fabrics when collaging — pattern on pattern is okay (and works great in a cottage-y interior!) but be picky with your colors and make sure that the hues play well together. Also consider the size of the room and how much of an impact you want the furniture to make versus the other pieces and their statements.