Tasteful Combinations

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When combined tastefully, the contrast of antique and modern can be particularly striking. Juxtaposition of old and new is always visually appealing. When affordability comes to mind, you can start with your existing traditional main furnishings and add modern accent pieces. By using accent pieces and fewer patterns, you can achieve a modern flavor with traditional, classic warmth.

The Best of Both Worlds

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Enjoy the best of both worlds by mixing the simple lines, neutral color scheme, and use of light and warmth. Modern classic furniture pieces typically have straight lines. Add an occasional soft, sweeping curve to create a room that is not too masculine, nor too frilly.

Light and Neutral

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If choosing plain upholstery without any pattern and print, go with straightforward color. Choose neutral colors like cream, beige, white, and off-white to make the area look sophisticated and soft. Create a contemporary look by combining the neutrals with silver, gray, or pastel blue. Light or neutral colors bring a modern look to a classic style. These colors can be applied not only in upholstery, but also on interior walls.

Elegance Without the Clutter

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The modern classic style looks elegant without any clutter. It is ideal for small spaces where it will look sophisticated and opulent without feeling overly crowded. Ideal modern furniture is characterized by geometric and modular shaping; to add a dramatic effect, choose a sofa with leather upholstery in dark colors.


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When placing more than one rug in a space, choose carpets that harmonize rather than match. Neutral sisal and a faded Turkish or Kilim rug can work well together, but the sisal will look too humble beside a fine Persian.


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When mixing woods, formal selections (mahogany, cherry, oak) go well with one another and the same goes with the more casual choices (pine, maple, bamboo).