Cottage Chic

via Mark D. Sikes


When we think of cottage chic, the words “inviting,” “cozy,” “pattern-filled,” and “feminine” come to mind; but keeping this look fresh requires certain design elements that are important to the execution of this style. Be sure to balance frilly “granny-chic” fabrics with newer takes on same-olds — for instance, mix an older, vintage-looking floral print with a newer, updated floral. Keep the furniture tailored, especially when upholstering said furniture in a bolder or heavily-printed fabric. Remember that leather adds luxe and richness, and wicker adds texture! Darker colors of wicker are more grounding than light colors and lend themselves to more of a variety of fabrics. Mix antiques with modern elements, like window treatments that are simple and more fashionable or a more stylish rug. And remember that a crisp white backdrop lets all of the colors of a cottage-chic interior take center stage.

Workspace In a Living Space

via One Kings Lane


If your living room is large enough, and you have no room in your house for an office, creating a small workspace in your hang-out room is a great solution. This space, either behind the sofa or in a small area of the room, is ideal to accommodate a writing desk — perfect for laptop use. It’s a great design solution to keep you included in the livelihood that is the main area of the house while still having a designated spot to work. Use it for homework, sorting mail, internet use (like blogging!), and at the same time add another layer of color, pattern, and style in your home by extending the design. For lamps, run cords underneath a large area rug that grounds the entire space, or use floor outlets, if possible!

Collaged Furniture

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To collage a piece of furniture means to use two or more fabrics for the upholstery of a particular piece. There are several reasons to collage a piece of furniture — beginning with the fact that some people just really like the way that it looks! Collaging is a great way to introduce pattern into a space without committing an entire piece to the pattern. It is also a way to save money on an upholstery job because you can potentially leave a seat or back cushion with the existing upholstery and find something complementary for the new fabric (this happens a lot of times with leather pieces). Because collaging works with any fabric style, this is a look that can work with any design aesthetic. Make sure to choose complementary fabrics when collaging — pattern on pattern is okay (and works great in a cottage-y interior!) but be picky with your colors and make sure that the hues play well together. Also consider the size of the room and how much of an impact you want the furniture to make versus the other pieces and their statements.

Backsplash That POPS

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via Lisa Mende Design

It seems that these days the choices for a backsplash are endless. Backsplashes can always be neutral in nature (think: subtle subway tile), but they can also be a great place to showcase whimsy and personality. Some ways to accomplish this? Geometric tiles in bold colors, mosaics with ornate patterns (as seen in the interior above), and striking natural stone. Each of these can further customize an interior and show off personal design tastes and aesthetics. Colors for the rest of the design, such as custom cabinetry, can be pulled from the backsplash hues — such as in this photo where the peaceful blue of the lower cabinets is repeated in the quiet blue flowers of the patterned mosaic. Feel free to keep cabinetry and other elements neutral in the design as well, so as to let the fabulous backsplash take center stage.

Rustic Architecture Accents

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When it comes to rustic architectural accents in a space, you can either conserve existing interior architecture, or add it. Preserving original architecture is a beautiful way to respect a space’s history, and finding salvaged pieces and implementing them into a new-build opportunity is another way to give a reverent nod to antiquity. Refinishing wood creates a very different look than distressing, so it is important to consider the overall feel of your space in order to figure out which option is right for you. Rustic accents lend themselves well to shabby chic interiors, cozy cottage vibes, beach themes, and mediterranean flavor. These accents add visual texture to rooms and a graceful element of warmth. The finish can also set the tone for the other wood finishes that you will use in furniture and decorative items throughout the room. Of course vibrant color is always an option, but neutral spaces tend to let these architectural elements hold the starring role of the space.

The Bathroom Living Space

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via Elle Decor

Creating a living space in a bathroom means effectively taking things up a notch. Adding plush and luxe elements to a space, such as indulgent textiles and cozy seating arrangements, can take your bathroom to a new dimension. Keep the overall color scheme of your space light and airy for the best spa-like feel — this means that neutral is king. Add warm metals for visual comfort and stand-out lighting amidst quiet palettes. A pair of ‘conversation tubs’ truly makes taking a bath an event, and an extension of romance and lavishness.

Beachy Bunk Room

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via Change & Co.

This completely fun bunk room resides in a home designed by Change & Co. in a project that they titled Amagansett Beach House. The home throughout is a study in neutrals and textures and the expertise and keen eye used to make each interior something special is very apparent. But it was this room, the bunk room, that caught our eye for its whimsical, modern-tropical vibe. We can’t get over the incredibly adorable bamboo hanging chair (there is more than one in this room, by the way!), and it’s just a guess, but because these face a window, there is a high probability that these chairs face a truly spectacular view. The bamboo texture mixed with the woven rug and lighting is spot-on in coloration with the other beige tones in the room. The blues are perfectly distributed and in only the best hues — some darker, some lighter, creating only the best balance. And adding a touch of perfect whimsy to the room, the pom-poms on the striped throw blankets at the foot of the bed, and of course, who could ignore the sweetest wallpaper?