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Certificate Program

Thank you for your interest in our 27 Week Interior Design certificate program. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and significant spike of positive cases in our local community, our school building is currently closed for student access until further notice. The great news is that we are currently operating our classes 100% online with what we call “Remote Classroom”. This is where students connect to live lectures, discussions with other students, and group learning activities in an interactive setting, but from the safety of their own home. Our Remote Classroom operation is 100% approved by ACCSC, the State of Arizona, and the Department of Education for any new enrollments. The health and safety of our AIID community is our highest priority and we thank you in advance for your understanding of our new operating model as we navigate this unprecedented health crisis.

Please know that we have invested tremendous time and resources over the last few years to update our curriculum completely for distance learning course delivery. Our preparation for online courses started long before coronavirus impacted our school in March last year. We feel that our updated curriculum is ready for prime time and is a significant advantage for our students to learn modern techniques and computer-based tools that are currently utilized in the field of Interior Design. Examples include SketchUp software used in Computer-Aided Drafting & Space Planning and creating Digital Color and Mood Boards for student portfolios.

Courses in the Interior Design program are taught one at a time, so students immerse themselves in each subject for maximum learning effectiveness. Each course offered at AIID is designed to familiarize the student with the historical and technological developments that lead to contemporary tastes and applications of color, materials, and styles.

The Interior Design staff at AIID is made up of experienced Interior Designers who take great pride in the development of each student.

The objective of the program is to train the student for an entry-level position as an Interior Designer.


Class Hours:

Mon-Thurs, 8:30 am-2:30 pm (see course schedule for details)

Program Statistics

  • 28 Semester Credits
  • 648 Instructional Clock Hours (810 Total Clock Hours)
  • 27 Weeks
  • Graduation Document: Interior Design Certificate