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Campus and Facilities

Campus Description

The American Institute of Interior Design has a custom facility, offering outstanding educational amenities combined with an inspirational ambiance for learning. The school is located on the second floor enjoying amazing panorama views of Fountain Park. There are over 4,400 square feet of modern learning space, including classrooms, offices, a library, and a laboratory. AIID has a kitchen with vending machine for student convenience. Computers with internet access and printing/photocopy capabilities are available for students to assist with school projects.

Industrial Luxe is how American Institute of Interior Design founder, Judy Thompson, describes the look and feel of the school building. The school design merges classical with contemporary styling in an open floor plan that includes: cement flooring, a reflected ceiling plan sculpted at four heights from 9’ to 14’ and 37 marching panorama view windows using Fibonacci numbers.

Judy TeachingThe open floor-plan workspace is defined by glass walls, wave walls, and shimmer walls which allow for separation without compromising the light and flow of the space. There are eight functional areas in the new school design including: classroom, lab, drafting stations, radius wall for designer presentations, library, kitchen, dining area, and administrative offices.

Design elements for the space were selected as a basis for teaching. One can find Corinthian columns, art finishes on the walls including mica plaster and glass beads, and everything in the space was designed using the Golden Mean for space proportion. There are monochromatic wall niches, a one-of-a-kind kitchen counter top, built-in cabinets and the “Eye of Design” mural greets visitors in the lobby.

The entire space is a virtual “lighting lab”. Multiple lighting techniques were incorporated including halogens, fluorescents, and PAR – LED. The grazing and washing lighting techniques key to interior design are also showcased. Each space in the school is an opportunity to learn the rules and the art of great interior design.


Campus Features

  • Classroom with media wall for teaching, outlets for computers, and natural lighting
  • Display wall for student projects & colorboards
  • Gallery wall to display graduates’ projects
  • Fully equipped lab with project materials, fabrics, and samples
  • Dramatic foyer with shimmer wall and the “eye of design” mural
  • Lighting Lab
  • Drafting Tables
  • Computer Stations with internet access
  • Library
  • Fully equipped kitchen with vending machine and break area
  • Administrative offices