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At Home

Rough luxe is what you call an interior design and decorating style that is a little bit rough, but with a lot of luxury. This can be achieved by combining old and new furniture and art, luxurious fabrics with inexpensive materials and distressed walls. It’s all about combining old and new and appreciating the character and interest that the old brings into the space while the new accents bring the comfort in the design.

The idea of rough luxe does not only refer to a decorating style but also to architecture. Rough luxe is all about deconstructing and stripping architecture down to reveal the original story beneath it. This is achieved through elements such as rough exposed beams and peeled plaster. The rough luxe style has been a hot trend for hotels and restaurants, and it’s about time that the style is reflected in homes.

A major part of the rough luxe look is bare plaster. Go for a single wall with rough plaster, or polished plaster on all walls. Exposed brickwork can work perfectly in a country style kitchen or in a city loft living room. Match the exposed brickwork with retro furnishings and fittings.

Create distressed designs and decorations by adding old taps or radiators, or even new tiles with rough luxe designs. Some furniture can already be bought distressed, or buy old pieces in junk shops. The key to perfecting the rough luxe look is subtlety. Give a hint of rough luxe by adding just one distressed item in your room, like old shutters or a piece of furniture.

Bare Walls and Exposed Brickwork

At Home

Another operative phrase in the rough luxe style is ‘vintage, yet elegant.’ Choose luxurious window treatments for bathrooms, look for fabrics with sheen, and choose big tasseled tiebacks and cushions with trim. Complete the look with threadbare antique rugs and framed paintings.

Rough luxe is a study in contradiction, an attempt to reconcile the antique with the contemporary. The style can come off as unfinished, unplanned, and a little bit chaotic. But by mixing the old with the new, you can create a stunning environment that will take you on an adventure through time. It is nostalgic and interesting to find out the details, craftsmanship, and history hidden in every piece. It is also an ideal style that suits the budget, by making use of materials and objects that you already have.