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The Neolithic Period is the last period of the Stone Age, often also called the New Stone Age. This term encompasses the years between 8,000 B.C. to 3,000 B.C.1 This period is characterized by the shift to a sedentary way of life which brought advancements in home construction, weaving, sewing, pottery and art.

Characteristics of a Neolithic home

Just as in the Paleolithic age, homes were built around a stone or brick fireplace for light and warmth. But, with people living in one place much longer, houses became more spacious with multiple rooms and sometimes even 2 stories. They had wooden and woven furniture. The houses were most often rectangular and long.

Materials and Colors

Colours of a Neolithic home will be earth-toned, but lighter than during the paleolithic era. Think light browns, tans, and grays. This time, feel free to add some green as well – the Ice Age is over and plants are back in style. Use materials that are naturally occurring such as wood, clay, stone and natural fibers.

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Furnishings and Decorations

Homes of the Neolithic people were full of woven straw baskets, patterned clay pots, wooden bowls and woven blankets, which gives you a lot to work with! Furniture carved from wood included beds, cupboards, shelving and dressers. When trying to design a home reflective of this time period, it’s a great idea to commission a local carpenter to design some pieces for your home, giving it that authentic, hand crafted look. Don’t be afraid of a statement piece in stone however, such as a dining or coffee table. In fact, on the Orkney Island in Scotland, the Neolithic humans caused the first wood shortage, forcing them to build furniture from stone!2

Design A Great Day!

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