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Mirrors can be a classy and elegant addition to just about any setting. But because of the intrinsic nature that they reflect whatever it is they “see”, one must be mindful as to their placement to ensure they add to the décor and not detract from it.

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Below are some helpful tips to remember when placing mirrors in interior spaces:

  • Begin with plate glass
    • Firstly, mirrors that are completely flat give a cleaner, more attractive look than those that are curved or have beveled edges. A smooth plate glass mirror is a welcome sight in any location.
  • They can make a stunning complete wall covering
    • Covering an entire wall with mirrored glass can make a stunning statement in any home, especially with guests, who usually like to linger on their reflections!
    • Creating a mirrored wall with shapes and cut-outs is edgy and interesting for the eye. Geometric shapes are great for this type of wall treatment! Mixing in materials like marble or other types of stone add even more visual interest and texture.
  • Refrain from using mirrors in cluttered rooms
    • If you have rooms that are cluttered (small knick knacks, storage boxes etc.) do not put any kind of large mirror in that space as it will simply amplify the clutter. Bad Feng Shui!
  • Utilize in small rooms and spaces
    • By installing a mirror (or mirrors) in small rooms or spaces in a home, the effect can be one that adds a feeling of a much larger space and can do much to change the feel of an otherwise claustrophobic space.
    • Experience with different locations for the mirror to achieve the desired effect.
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  • Make sure the mirror reflects beauty!
    • One crucial tip that many fail to recognize is making sure that whatever the mirror is reflecting is beautiful, or at the very least, not an eyesore. For instance, don’t position a mirror so that the reflection it shows is the inside of a bathroom, or a coatrack. Instead, position it so it reflects a smoothly painted wall, or a piece of artwork, or even an outside window if the window looks out to trees or a gardens.
    • Check your view — don’t highlight a ceiling fan or an area that isn’t your room’s best. Think cool wallpaper — or interesting wall texture of some kind! — a vignette with some sort of statement artwork or furniture piece, amazing lighting, etc. When hanging a mirror, always remember that what reflects in the mirror counts — it is part of the experience of your space. Reflect the good, the inspirational, and leave the rest.

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  • Create intimate spaces with room partitions
    • Mirrored room partitions aren’t something you see everyday, but they are a beautiful addition to residential and commercial spaces alike. Think of these partitions as an interesting way to direct traffic while also creating small, intimate spaces within a larger room. Also taking into consideration the above rule — what reflects in the mirror counts, makes this is a great way to showcase beauty in your space, so be sure that the area with the partitions is reflecting that beauty.
    • Mirrored room partitions create an element of extended space, much like other glass partitions, but with more visual interest!

  • Glamorize a bathroom with mirrored vanities
    • There’s just something about a mirrored vanity that adds instant glamour to a bathroom. For a balanced and overall collected-over-time look, be sure to mix with traditional and modern accents! Mirrored vanities are perfect for small spaces (think: powder rooms!) and the best way to use them is to reflect any sort of visual texture in your room — wallpaper, flooring, etc. Anything of interest will be beautifully reflected and multiplied.

Including a variety of mirrors as part of your home’s décor can be a great way to create a space that flows, feels much larger than it is, and adds a touch of elegance. Make sure to heed the tips above so that the mirrors you add are added in a way that maximizes functionality.

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