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Cottage Chic

Image via Mark D. Sikes

When we think of cottage chic, the words “inviting,” “cozy,” “pattern-filled,” and “feminine” come to mind; but keeping this look fresh requires certain design elements that are important to the execution of this style.

Be sure to balance frilly “granny-chic” fabrics with newer takes on same-olds — for instance, mix an older, vintage-looking floral print with a newer, updated floral.

Keep the furniture tailored, especially when upholstering said furniture in a bolder or heavily-printed fabric.

Remember that leather adds luxe and richness, and wicker adds texture! Darker colors of wicker are more grounding than light colors and lend themselves to more of a variety of fabrics.

Mix antiques with modern elements, like window treatments that are simple and more fashionable or a more stylish rug.

And remember that a crisp white backdrop lets all of the colors of a cottage-chic interior take center stage.