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Colors affect us on an emotional and personal level and can be a more significant part of our lives than we know. Nevertheless, picking great color combinations can make your home much more exciting, despite how daunting it all may sound. A great color can lift the overall neighbourhood, improve the mood of a home and lift the spirits of both.

However, the choice is inevitably the most challenging part and some specific details need to come into play. A few of these details are the features of your home, the surroundings of your home and even the rest of the neighborhood. So, despite Home Owners Associations dictating boring and bland exterior colors, keeping it safe doesn’t have to be on the table anymore. Who wants a house that’s too boring anyway?

Below are four ways to become bolder with our exterior paint colors.

Complementary And Contrasting Exterior Colors
Establishing a balance between contrasting colors is a tool that will really help the exterior of your home pop. These color schemes may seem odd and unsafe, but the outcome will leave you with a fresh and different look. The color combination is essentially the mix of a subtle color teamed up with a bold tone that will counteract it. An example of this would be a toned-down green with a bright red. Two completely contrasting colors for one interesting and appropriate color combination.

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Analogous Exterior Colors
If you are looking for a more harmonious color scheme for your home, analogous colors may be your best choice. Simply speaking, analogous means to choose two colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. For instance, red and orange or blue and green are analogous colors. Yet, the extent of the color choices doesn’t end there. You can still produce completely different tones, like a calm blue and bright green.

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A Bright Door
There is a way to transform a neutral home into one that makes an impression, and a bright doorstep can achieve exactly that. It may seem like too small of a project to really make a difference, but you’d be surprised at how even the most subtle of colors can lift the appearance of your home. Usually, we think of vividly contrasting colors like a grey home with a yellow door, but the same can be done with a simple white house and a dark wood door. As long as the colors contrast enough, you can create a beautiful entrance waiting for you and your guests every day.

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Lighter Values To Advance Exterior

If the exterior of your home is generally one neutral color, using lighter tones can easily advance the exterior details. A blue wall can really pop with a white or atmospheric blue trim. Because of this dark to light contrast, the saturated walls will recede and the lighter trim will advance. On the same note, if your walls tend to be on the brighter side, like a yellow, then both the wall and the lighter trim will advance together, developing a harmonious color combination.

Choosing the perfect exterior color for your home is as exciting as it is scary. Don’t be afraid to really step out of your comfort zone and pick color combinations that not only suit you but also suit the overall feel of the neighborhood. Whether you choose a palette of two or three closely related colors or indulge in a riot of hues, you can achieve a feeling of flow by accentuating different details, like the trim, and creating a beautiful first impression of your home.