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The world has the Greeks to thanks for so many wonders that we enjoy today including science, philosophy and of course, advances in architecture and interior design. As such, it goes without saying that if it were not for the ancient Greeks and their design aesthetics, modern interior design, as we understand it today, would be different.

Interior design is regularly influenced by history and then appropriated into the modern-day. The designer’s job is to consider these historical influences to deliver the most suitable style for the client or a project.

Grecian style interiors, in many cases, were simple yet functional as well as elegant. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that its influence is felt in many modern homes today.

As one of the first settled civilizations, possessions meant a great deal to ancient Greeks. So much so that their dead would often be entombed with their prized possessions such as gold pieces, chests and more. The affluent could afford to import expensive materials so you would often encounter luxurious elements such as hand-carved chairs and beds, silk-covered cushions, as well as gold plated utensils. The less fortunate, on the other hand, did not often have much in the way of worldly possessions. As such, they would utilize blankets and mats to cover naked walls and floors. Consider these differences in the kind of Greek interior you’d be looking to mirror – more common or more royal.

Other aspects of Mediterranean design in modern interior design include:

Exposed Stone Walls

Stone was a popular choice for most Greek homes because of its cooling ability. Before modern air conditioning was invented, Greek inhabitants would rely on stone walls to keep temperatures at home as low as possible. Interior designers today emphasize the use of natural stone materials when designing Grecian inspired spaces.

Adobe Stock: Texture of an old stone wall.

Use of Blue and White Hues

Blue and white can be used to mirror Grecian interior design. Inhabitants of the Cycladic islands would often paint the exteriors of their home white primarily due to the hot climate. If you do not feel up to painting your interior white and blue to match the ancient Greeks, try incorporating it in other ways such as using blue and white plate sets, bedding or decorative vases.

Adobe Stock Image

Featured Olive Oil/Trees

The Greeks to this day still associate olive trees with health, beauty, and wisdom. Athletes that won at the Olympics would often be awarded an olive branch while enemies would be given an olive branch as a symbol of peace when truces were agreed to.

Components relating to olive trees are a must for ant Greek-inspired décor. Olive trees can be incorporated in several ways in the modern home such as through the use of antique oil jars indoors or out in the garden.

Adobe Stock: Olive grove on an island

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