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You have the vision to turn any room into a showpiece, however your business management and marketing skills must also be up to par to run an effective design studio. In order to succeed in the interior design industry, you need more than basic services and quality customer service.

These five pointers for success will help you in ways that will impress clients and get them talking about you in their social and professional circles.

1 – When Two People Do the Same Thing, One is Unnecessary

Smart division of labor increases efficiency. Profit comes partially from productivity and careful management of your interior design business. Project specialization ensures all parties know their roles and responsibilities. The last thing you want to do is cause conflicts or waste resources with more than one person tackling the same task.

2 – Being First Starts With Being the Best in Design

Interior design as an industry uniquely relies on the power of creativity and vision more than technical skills. Clients hire designers to deliver the perfect function, look and feel rather than simply performing a set list of tasks to reach completion.

When you grow your business, do not worry about being the first one done or having the fastest delivery. Instead, push for truly excellent and innovative design that gets attention. If anything, the best customized design products take time to plan out, order and create. Your clients will rave about the results and increase your word-of-mouth referrals.

3 – Stop Stewing and Start Doing

Far too many small business owners suffer from analysis paralysis. They think, plan, and organize everything before they act. While these things are important for overall success, it ultimately comes down to what you do instead of what you think about.

The creative aspects of interior design only bring your business growth and long-term profits if you manifest them effectively. Be smart about it, but do not be afraid to jump in and get to work.

4 – Small Minds Discuss People. Average Minds Discuss Events. Great Minds Discuss Ideas.

Small minds discuss other people. In an interior design business, this leads to copycat styles and trying to keep up with another designer rather than forging your own unique vision.

Average minds discuss events. Designing a home is not just about installing counters, finishing a floor restoration, or getting everything done by the deadline.

Great minds discuss ideas. If you want to wow clients with your skills and vision, focus on conceptualizing perfection for the space, its function and people who use it.

Design concepts lead to greatness. Focus on them!

5 – Get Fired Up With Enthusiasm (or Risk Getting Fired With Enthusiasm)

The moment your interior design studio loses its enthusiasm and motivation to bring the best possible style to a project, you risk getting fired (heartily) by the client. For a client, the look and feel of every room matters. It affects daily lives and daily functions and must therefore be appropriate. If clients get the impression that a designer is not bringing their best or lacks enthusiasm during the creative process, they will doubt your ability to deliver!

Design a great day!