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Backsplash that POPS

via Lisa Mende Design

It seems that these days the choices for a backsplash are endless. Backsplashes can always be neutral in nature (think: subtle subway tile), but they can also be a great place to showcase whimsy and personality. Some ways to accomplish this? Geometric tiles in bold colors, mosaics with ornate patterns (as seen in the interior above), and striking natural stone. Each of these can further customize an interior and show off personal design tastes and aesthetics. Colors for the rest of the design, such as custom cabinetry, can be pulled from the backsplash hues — such as in this photo where the peaceful blue of the lower cabinets is repeated in the quiet blue flowers of the patterned mosaic. Feel free to keep cabinetry and other elements neutral in the design as well, so as to let the fabulous backsplash take center stage.