Admissions Requirements

Classroom 2All candidates for admission to the American Institute of Interior Design must have successfully completed at least a high school education or its equivalent (GED). The applicant is required to submit the following documentation to satisfy admission requirements:

  1. *Proof of High School graduation or equivalent as minimum education level
  2. Photo Identification

*Proof of minimum education level is satisfied by submitting ONE of the following:

  • High School Diploma
  • Complete High School Transcripts
  • DD214 showing verification of high school completion
  • GED
  • Diploma or Complete Transcripts showing completion of a degree program from a College or University (Associate’s or beyond). This can be used in case applicant is not able to locate proof of high school completion documentation.

Applicants must submit the required documentation to the school within 10 calendar days of beginning the program, or else will be withdrawn. Note that international students’ credentials will need to be verified by the school for high school equivalency. Applicants who are unable to present any of the forms of documentation described above will not be admitted.

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