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Spring Semester Starts on February 14th, 2022

Thank you for your interest in the American Institute of Interior Design. Our school has undergone significant changes in the past months and we are excited to share some of the details with our future students. We are proud to announce that we have been fully approved to offer our Certificate Program 100% online! We have received approval from our accreditors (ACCSC), the State of Arizona, and the US Department of Education to offer distance education.

Other changes to our certificate program include new courses and a new semester-based format. Instead of our traditional “rolling enrollment”, where students enroll anytime and take classes one at a time, we have moved to a standardized 15-week semester format. Students are able to take up to 5 courses per semester, consistent with typical colleges and universities that most people are familiar with. We have also changed our program from 28 to 30-semester credits, and our certificate program can be completed in 30 academic weeks (2 semesters). Please keep in mind that February 14, 2022, is the next start date for our certificate program.

As a student, you will learn a balance of residential as well as commercial design topics in a high-energy and fun academic setting. Our instructors are practicing Interior Designers themselves, so rest assured you are getting the most up-to-date and practical education possible.

Why Choose Us?

  • Your new Interior Design career begins in as little as 30 academic weeks
  • Hands on and practical training… learn how to make money in design
  • Experienced faculty providing one-on-one instruction
  • Graduate placement assistance available
  • We’re different from other schools… Learn why
School eCatalog
School eCatalog

This document contains the current School eCatalog. Please download this document and the addenda and read them before starting the application process.

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Version: Spring 2022
eCatalog Addenda
eCatalog Addenda

This document contains the addenda to the School eCatalog. Please download this document and read it before starting the application process.

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Version: Spring 2022

This document contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Please download this document and read it before starting the application process.

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Version: Spring 2022

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